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Steps To Get Health Insurance Claims For COVID-19 Treatment

Steps To Get Health Insurance Claims For COVID-19 Treatment

With an increasing number of cases of the Coronavirus in India, people are fearing for their health. And the second wave striking so harshly makes people query their insurance cover for the treatment on COVID. Many of the individuals are now getting health insurance policies, whereas some are renewing their existing ones. Bima plus, a Health Insurance Advisor in Noida Sector 10 can help you find the best suitable policy as per your needs.

People are getting help from an insurance company with respect to reimbursement for the treatment they faced after getting corona positive. Here in this piece of information, we will be explaining the cashless claim settlement process

Step 1: Make sure that the hospital you chose for the treatment is part of the Cashless network of the insurance company

Either you can call the hospital or check the insurer website to find whether the hospital is part of the cashless network. Keep your insurance policy handy in case the hospital asks for it.

You can also take help from the Health Insurance Advisor in Noida Sector 21 to find out which hospitals are covered under your existing policy.

Step 2: Get authorization from the insurer for the needed treatment

To get the authorization, you need to fill up the pre-authorization form, after which the insurer will scrutinize the details, you should also provide the supporting documents. This process usually takes 2 business days, but due to pandemic, the process has been fast-tracked for the COVID treatment.

Step 3: Pay the hospital bills

Once the treatment is over, the hospital will generate a final bill and send it to the insurer with documents like medical report. If any expenses are not covered by the insurer, then the individual has to pay, but mostly the bill gets settled by the insurance company.

Reimbursement Process for the COVID treatment

In many cases due to the emergency people are not getting a chance to pre-authorize for the treatment. Worry not, you can still get the reimbursement for the bills you paid for Corona treatment. For this, you have to submit a reimbursement claim for the medical expenses caused due to COVID within 7 days after getting discharged. To know more about the reimbursement process for your corona treatment contact Health Insurance Advisor in Noida Sector 2.

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